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Where do we find strength and stability in a world struggling to shed its decaying skins and birth a new era? Many of us find ourselves in a state of radical amazement at the power and responsibility that has come to us.

Join three leading teachers, thought leaders, and healers as they explore the pressing work of healing intergenerational trauma from their own cultural perspectives. Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone, anchor of the series, will offer teachings rooted in Jungian psychology and Jewish historical narratives, drawing from Kabbalistic cosmology and practices (Nov. 8). She will  dialogue with New York Times bestselling author and teacher Resmaa Menakem (Nov. 15) on the cultural legacies of racism and white body supremacy and how the residue of this trauma shows up, and can be transformed, amidst this year of uprising for change. The series concludes (Nov. 22) in conversation with Native American leader and author, Dr. Anita Sanchez, who will help us draw forth indigenous wisdom and medicine for our turbulent moment in history.


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