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– The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for This Time


Indigenous people in the world are 6% of the population, specifically 2% in the USA. That 6% holds wisdom about how to survive challenges, be resilient, and remember how to be a life-giving force in our One Hoop of Life.

A recent study and polls report that business is the most trusted institution in the world; 68% expect business to take the lead on fixing societal problems. As leaders, we are called to navigate intense challenges of social and racial inequities, distrust of government & politics, global warming, COVID, economic uncertainty, and more. How can we conduct our lives, personal and business, in productive, healthy, life-giving relationships with ourselves and others?

In “The Four Sacred Gifts”, Indigenous Elders from around the world share a call to action that asks all of humanity, from the living room to the board room, to remember their connection to All our Relations. They tell us that vibrant community and experience of belonging can emerge when we individually and collectively embody four sacred gifts.

  • Discover how the indigenous world view of All My Relations teaches us about the interconnection of all we are and do in life.
  • Learn about the Eagle Hoop Prophecy and how the four gifts, the power to forgive the unforgivable, power of unity, gift of healing and the gift of hope in action are essential leadership and life tools.
  • Explore what these sacred gifts mean for you in your personal and work life.

Length: 60 minutes


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